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Qualia, Inc. builds its success upon a clear vision: advancing medical care through revolutionary technology.

Our team and advisors bring diverse and accomplished backgrounds, from university research and teaching, to clinical practice, to international business management and legal experience. Our collective advanced education includes masters degrees, PhDs, MDs, MD-PhDs, MBAs, and JDs.

With multiple affiliates each focused on unique medical conditions, we are always looking for creativity within the bright minds of passionate individuals. Reach out today to join us.

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Connie Manz (MS, MIT & UTD) leverages her technical background and consulting experience to commercialize flexible bioelectronics based on softening substrate technologies. Prior to her position with Qualia, Ms. Manz was the lab finance manager for the Advanced Polymer Research Laboratory and Center for Engineering Innovation at UT Dallas. Past experience also includes research experience at MIT, The Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology in Singapore, and Draper Labs, as well as business strategy consulting experience with Mars & Co.

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Dr. Walter Voit (PhD, Georgia Tech) holds an associate professorship at UT Dallas where he explores the thermomechanics of shape memory polymers (SMPs), flexible bioelectronics, next generation neural interfaces, 3-D printing, degradable polymers, and the effects of ionizing radiation on polymers. In addition to Qualia, Prof. Voit has co-founded Syzygy Memory Plastics, Adaptive 3D Technologies, Ares Materials, Pascalor, and Polycraft World. Dr. Voit is an International Atomic Energy Agency consultant in the field of radiation crosslinked SMPs, as well as a DARPA Young Faculty Awardee and DARPA Director’s Fellow.

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Benedict Voit (MBA, Michigan) has a decade of professional experience in financial analytics, client consulting, strategic development, and internal management. Before joining Qualia, he served as a financial Director leading the accounts of multi-billion dollar credit unions, consulting these institutions on investment and loan purchases, balance sheet strategies, policies, and governmental examinations. Other experience includes management for hospital collaboratives, start-up research, and computer programming. Benedict earned his undergraduate degree, Summa Cum Laude, from UT Dallas.

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Lewis Chang received his B.S. in neuroscience from UT Dallas, continuing on to medical school at UT Southwestern before shifting into health management. He has nearly a decade of experience with clinical research, study organization, data analysis, and strategic development.


Prior to joining the Qualia team in 2018, he worked as a clinical data specialist for Children’s Health Dallas and strategic partnership manager for Cornerstone Healthcare Group.

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Dr. Jimin Maeng (PhD, Purdue) has a decade of research experience in the field of implantable medical devices. As a Senior Research Engineer, Jimin currently oversees the technical development of Qualia’s softening neural interfaces. Prior to joining Qualia, he took his postdoctoral training first at Purdue then UT Dallas where he explored and developed a broad range of materials and devices for bioelectronic applications, including neural electrodes, electronic contact lenses, implantable supercapacitors, and softening thin-film diodes and transistors.

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Lisa Spurgin began her fabrication career at Texas Instruments in 1978 and she spent over 20 years at STMicroelectronics during her 40+ years of process engineering. Lisa started her work with silicon and now focuses on the fabrication of patented polymer devices. She has an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology.

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Vindhya Reddy Danda received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2010. As a Research Engineer, Vindhya currently leads the technical team at Qualia, Inc. where the focus is on design, fabrication, packaging and electrical characterization of devices on shape memory polymers. In her previous work, she was fabricating silicon probes and PCR sensors, as well as packaging them using novel techniques like flip chip bonding for an engineering services company in Maryland. She was also supporting the fabrication team in making infrared and X-ray detectors for multiple missions at NASA.

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Tyler Criss received his B.S. in biomedical engineering from UTD before joining the Qualia (Labs) team. His focus is now on device assembly and electrochemical characterization, but he also helps coordinate quality control and sales efforts. Tyler also has research experience in computer imaging and materials development.

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...plus Advisors (MDs & PhDs) from top-tier universities: